Thomas’ Corn English Muffins.  Apparently they didn’t look naturally yellow enough, so they added yellow #5.

douchejaune said: Tba.k you for this blog. I recently found out I have issue with #5 and never knew it was in EVERYTHING...

Yes unfortunately it seems to be everywhere. Watch for shampoos and lotions as well.


I have a severe allergic reaction to yellow 5,almost Anaphylaxis Shock and have to carry an epipen.

here are a few in Canada which I have found,which aren`t on your list.

Tang juice

Poptarts(certain kinds)

kernels popcorn salt(canadian cheddar)

Powerade(certain colors)

Gatorade(certain colors)

Chocolate syrup(like Nestle quick)

Hamburger Helper

Thousand Island salad dressing

some block cheese,cheese strings etc..

Chocolate Milk

Alot of Vachon cakes(half moons etc…)

packaged brownies

I’m sure I am missing alot but here are a few for now.

thanks for the info. I carry epi pens everywhere!

What not to eat at Arby’s…Almost everything! The worst yet.

Wow,  Arby’s is one of the worst offenders I have come across so far if you have a Yellow#5 allergy!  It is in a number of their sandwich buns, so be careful!  Here we go:

Double Cut Bun:  Y5 is in this bun.  Right now it is being used for the following sandwiches

  • Shroom & Swiss
  • Deluxe Bacon Cheddar
  • Roast Chicken Club

Dijon Honey Mustard Dressing and Sandwich Sauce

Light Italian Dressing

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

Mountain Dew

Mozzarella Sticks

Outside-In Cinnamon Bites

Steakhouse Onion Rings

Amazingly their Yellow Mustard contains no Y5!

BTW: Don’t be stupid! Don’t assume I know everything. Please Read!

I only list items that I have at one point verified through reading the ingredients on the label of listed on their website’s ingredient lists.  I am not God and therefore can not be responsible if you are stupid enough to believe that this is in anyway a comprehensive list.  Use this as a guide, but DON’t assume anything. Ask, Ask, and Ask again to store or restaurant you are buying the items from.  Call their customer service numbers. Restaurants and manufacturers introduce new products and change ingredients all the time. I cannot be held responsible for any mistakes, omissions, etc.  You bear the sole responsibility, I merely try to provide a resource that you can question and use to help avoid Yellow #5 allergies. 

What not to get a Burger King…

If you have a Yellow #5 food allergy, Burger King has some interesting items that could contaminate just about any food item you order.  This is the worst fast food restaurant I have come across so far for Y5.  My biggest concerns here are:

PICKLES!!  Yes, anything you order that has pickles will have Yellow 5 in it.  Ask to hold the pickles.

Smoky Cheese Sauce:  This appears to include the Cheesy Bacon BK Wrapper which is served at breakfast.

Also containing Yellow 5:

Cinnabon Roll

M&M’s for those shakes and deserts

What not to get at McDonald’s…

Apparently, those golden arches you see contain some Yellow #5. If you have a Yellow #5 food allergy, McDonald’s has listed on the ingredient list the following foods/drinks containing Y5:

Mocha Coffee Frappe Base

Shamrock Shakes

Vanilla Shakes

McFlurry with M&M’s

What not to get at Wendy’s…

According to Wendy’s own nutrition guide the following contain Yellow #5.  Avoid the following if you have a Y5 allergy:

Honey Mustard Nugget Sauce

Minute Maid Lemonade

I have also heard their mayonnaise contained Yellow #5, however it is not listed as an ingredient.

A interactive listing of products and food that contain yellow #5 for people with Y5 allergies.

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